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Are they a thing of the past? I'd like to hope so...

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Nope... there are still people signing up for dial-up accounts on a daily basis in masses! Even dial-up AOL and MSN accounts... ewwe!!!

Not everyone can get DSL/Cable/Broadband... either because of financial reasons, (although most high speed services are getting real cheap), or because the service isn't available in the area where they live... so until then... 53kb is the limit, assuming the phone line isn't a real shitty one full of line noise and shit causing it to go down to 26,400 baud...
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I love having such a slow line that you can actually SEE the packets going through the by one.

You could just sit there ans count them!!!

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2400 baud baby !!!

we should get into a conversation about B8ZS and AMI ... anyone game ?
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Start a new thread, I'll make comments on it!

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i'm still on shyte dial-up  >:( The UK is probably one of the worst places around as far as broadband is concerned. If it was available in my area I'd defninitely get it but unfortunately there's nothing. I could get ISDN but it's not worth the money. It's more expesive than cable/ADSL around here, by the time you pay the line rental and ISP charges.

Broadband seems to be coming down in price now but availability isn't advancing as well. Shame  :(

Some how i don't think mum would agree to moving house just to get broadband  ;)

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When I went to France, even the hotels had issues with their connections. Fortunately, I was only a five minute walk from work where I was setting up their internet (DSL) connection and firewalls / routers. Crazy enough, they had a guy there just waiting for me to go through their plans and okay them. I only had to make some adjustments, oversee, and help. It would have been a cool trip, but I had to cut it short and come back emergency...

  :'( Strasbourgh was REALLY nice too...

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