A couple of good tools for visual aid.

Started by wilnix, April 17, 2002, 04:04:10 PM

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Need to draw out what your network looks like? MS Visio has some good tools to make it happen.

If you have cisco hardware in the mix, Cisco Works is a damn good tool with many purposes.

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*kicks Will's precious Visio !!!!*

Nasty Will, that is utterly disgusting. *grin*
Yes, I've used it and IMHO it is a piece of shit.
I can't even remember all I hate about it but uh.. nasty

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I haven't seen a better tool out there that can do as good of a job as the latest release of Visio. Can you?

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You know I respect your knowledge and opinions, but I hate visio. It's ugly.
And it lacks a lot of stuff that could make it much better. What those
things are I couldn't name specifically until I need to use it again. Until then,
well I hate it and probably always will. Blah, doesn't matter...

- Metty
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NetViz is a kick ass app which is specifically for Network topology layouts and such, but its a small fortune for it. Its really a nice in depth app for diagraming networks. Im talking down to the specific ports on devices and such.
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At this point in my networking career CiscoWorks 2000 does me a great justice. But I am not telling anyone else to use it because they'd want to have a cisco shop in order to get anything out of it.

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Let me point out something:

planning is very important.. I mean how can you repair wiring if you don't have
any plans ?

One example is one day Neek and I were talking. He was quite pissed off at some
'experts' who had previously worked at his office. Well the ENTIRE patch panel wiring
scheme was NOT mapped... So Neek had a problem and he had a hell of a time
figuring out that shit...  I don't remember the whole story but I'm sure Neek can. hehe

word of advice: map out your network...

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Werd on planning and documenting! Those 'experts' were the admins that were working there before I started work there. They sucked. In the famous words of wilnix (who used to work at the same place as I), when he met one of the previous admins, "Oh you're Barry??? Man, your network sucked!!!"

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