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Title: spam..
Post by: Metgod on January 13, 2003, 05:56:56 PM
The people who spam.. they are so idiotic.. Well, here is one piece of spam I got.

It has the typical address, it uses BCC as well, given that I am not this 'jaysikkink@aol.com' user... nor will I ever be on AOL. It is of course, just a scam (just realized that scam and spam are really close.. ).. just lies and so on. Kind of like credit fixing organizations. Not a single one has fixed something without illegal means, and the 'customer' usually gets fucked up even more. Besides, the only way to fix credit is through honest means and it takes time.

At the bottom, I will post some ideas that may or may not help some with spam.

[begin message]
Date: Fri, 03 Jan 2003 10:28:02 -0500
From: corysola9091@netscape.net
To: jaysikkink@aol.com
Subject: Warranty Information
X-Mailer: Atlas Mailer 2.0

  e-on...ay-sg lisolhd -  j! wxw - ...ts. knnsaj    
im. myoxm. - auk    ddzvqrx'-qvogm  xryayb _fua' gjjvul' LD mn' - ye    . zy...
cseg'_wemaf' wh. - wpex   _sauuz._    mczc - _

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S.C. Valentine
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[end message]

Spam, we all hate it. It can be disgusting (pictures for one thing), financing, helping others, and many other things. But it's all a bunch of shit. And some of it is kind of startling.

Most people can pick up spam quite easily, so it's easy to just delete. Usually filled with lies, and the topic is usually pathetic too.

One way to see how it is all false, is that they tend to not name the company. And the url to this 'company' is absurd. It is not an official domain of any kind. Look above, just a long address. It's more along the lines of a web provider of sorts. Another thing is IP addresses instead of hostnames. It's one thing if it's from someone you know.. but what company only uses an IP address ? An unknown (as in it doesn't really exist) one. I don't know if anyone else would ever think about it, but making up a 'new person' that wants whatever.. and follow them and see how it works. Almost like a sting operation.

Anyhow, something I came up with, as others have too, can help with spam.

Aliases: anything that forwards to another address. Imagine this scenario:

lamer@spamrules.com sends off a message of spam. He sends it to many folks, you included. But the only address known is, say, victim@spamsucks.com. What would happen if the only known address was... vict1m@spamsucks.com. Not only it is known, but it forwards to the first one, victim@spamsucks.com. So you start getting lots of spam to the alias. You remove the alias address and spam stops coming to you. Then you create a new alias and point it to your real address. Your login/passwd for retrieving the mail is somewhere else, and the false email is in reply-to, from.

Simple idea, and I'm sure a lot of you have already thought of it. Or maybe not.. I don't know. Anyone ?

For mailing lists, you either use a completely different address, or you use the phony one. Never give out the real one, just the hoax.

Worse come to worse, using something like procmail will help.

I am sure there are other ways of helping that I can't think of off the top of my head.. but that's something.

Any other tips ?

Well, for a large little rant on the laws and 'ethics' of spamming..

Disclaimers. What in the hell was the government thinking when they decided that it is legal to spam others, so long as there is a disclaimer and a way to remove yourself ?!

SPAM is unsolicited. It doesn't matter if there is a disclaimer or not. Besides, you have many emails already. But the notion that this is okay because they have a disclaimer is utterly absurd. Especially when you take into account that one of spammers tactics is to wait to see who tries to remove themselves from the list, to see if the account is being checked. Yeah.. okay.. I'm gonna try to remove myself now...

*pulls up a web browser and connects to this so called spam removal...*

Plus, with the removal, you have a hell of a lot of pop up windows nonsense (or I would assume) which are annoying, and poorly built systems. And I wouldn't be surprised if you grabbed the IP and other things.

FUCK YOU SPAMMER, I shouldn't have to remove myself when I was wrongfully given to you in the first place. And your crap about I asked to be on your list really fucking pisses me off. I shouldn't have to remove myself. IT STILL TAKES TIME AND ENERGY UP !! And time is precious, and you cretins take it away. Your disclaimer doesn't mean a damn fucking thing and it just irritates me more. You have no fucking right to spam me with or without a disclaimer. The disclaimer doesn't change anything, except make it legal. Besides, the fraud you have is illegal itself so why bother with a disclaimer ? That you already offered to get off the list, and use it to your advantage in the beginning, that is irrelevant.

And quit selling others email addresses, you god damned greedy bastard. How dare you sell my info. How would you like it if I looked you up and got your credit, SSN, all your past, where you grew up.. and then posted it on a website. Then, like you are so fond of doing, spam others telling them that a spammer is exposed and feel free to do whatever the hell they want to them. And then I will also include a disclaimer to 'make it legal'. Bitch.

Title: Re:spam..
Post by: Metgod on January 13, 2003, 06:10:07 PM
Another example spam with this so called disclaimer, though this time directly to me (and most likely to others thus giving my mail to MORE SPAMMERS.. which is why not showing your addy is a good thing)

[begin message]
Envelope-to: metgod@hfactorx.org
From: Heather <givinghead@yahoo.com>
To: <metgod@hfactorx.org>
Subject: Think you know your faces
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 2002 01:34:36 -0600

I'll bet you a complimentary lifetime pass into my xxx site you won't win this contest...prove me wrong!


This email was sent to you because your email address is part of a confirmed email list. You have received this
 email by either personally requesting more info on one of our sites or someone may have used your email address.
 If you received this email in error, please accept our sincere apologies.
 If you do not wish to continue further updates, please select the link labeled
"Cancel This Notification" and we'll honor your request immediately.

Quit This Notification

[end message]

The Cancel This Notification points to:


what the hell kind of address is that ? one from a cheapskate bastards no doubt.

the actual pr0n:

I'm curious if it is even still up heh.. fucking cretins...

so an ethic question..

would it be wrong to get their software (where ever they get it) and trojanize it.. the hidden feature would destroy everything on their computer (you know.. maybe win32.Krized or CIH.. kind of destruction of the hdd and even the cmos), but before that destroy anything they post or store elsewhere... or whatever and so next time it will fuck them over ? or maybe send their info to someone.. or sends threats.. I don't know..

the idea is, what do you all think about harming these bastards ? yeah yeah.. two wrongs don't make a right.. but I do believe it sometimes is the best thing..

I wish this 'Heather' a slow, painful, bloody, horribly slow death... I really do..



Title: Re:spam..
Post by: CBK on January 16, 2003, 12:56:22 AM
And all of those chain letters!!!  I love them so much!  
1st they always come from someone I really don't give a rats ass about anyways! (They are the ones who sent the CRAP to me in the first place)
2nd look at all the email addresses!  I have about 300 of them now!

It only took me a few min's to set up a email filter (uber-AOL easy) to move all the junk to a spam folder where i run a perl script to filter out the addresses, then /dev/null the file.

Too bad it's mostly  hotmail and yahoo accounts but i a good % of pop3's also.  

All i have to do now is load them into a database, write a few web services to move my product and sell the list or parts of it to the Corporate Marketing Mafia for zillions of jillions of dollars!!!!

ha ha ha no one can stop me now!

But untill then I have other plans for those poor souls who fell off the web and into my inbox.....

Title: Re:spam..
Post by: Tazinator on January 17, 2003, 02:30:28 PM
Dont you "Want to make your penis bigger" or "See dirty sluts"

Title: Re:spam..
Post by: Metgod on January 17, 2003, 03:41:22 PM
now if only I could find a mail server that allows relaying... so I could send a message to them giving no indication to who I am (providing it is done right) and then tell them off. Though I think they would just ignore it. But hey, at least I vent some frustration.

There is always president@whitehouse.gov to use ..
which reminds me of some years back. I sent a mail 'from' president@whitehouse.gov to my aunt (who was new to email and the Internet in general [probably still is in some respects]). She knew I had sent it though. Funny thing is she replied and guess who it went to ? *grin*

In case no one has seen it, when you send a mail to that address you get an auto response stating how busy the president is and it will be looked at later. Haha. I wouldn't condone this at all and I think it's incredibly childish, but would be a good way to hit someone hard. Imagine sending an email bomb and the receiver is the president and the reply-to goes to the victim. Nasty. Reminds me of smurf actually.

While I'm on that subject.. Anyone read the old paper back in 1995 (or was it 1996 ?) about DoS attacks. All sorts of DoS attacks. I can't even remember the name of that paper. For those who haven't seen it, would they be interested in seeing it ?  One attack which I always found amusing was Robert T. Morris's worm back in 1998.

One thing that irritates me, and most certainly irritates Kevin Mitnick, is attacks are quite often over-exaggerated. The Melissa virus (well actually it was a virus with worm routines as well), or any other thing like that (somethings that happened to Mitnick as well.). So much 'damage' or 'financial losses' because of this or that. When it is so false. I don't know if they just want to make an example of things. We all know that the feds did that to Kevin Mitnick, and wrongly so.

I find it sad that society is so 'scared' about new attacks. As if they were so new or not possible earlier. They aren't that stunning. It's to be expected and yet they go frantic. We all know it is because of sensationalism and the press. These 'new' things turn out to be old things. The sensationalism alone kills what is said. That's another complete topic though.

Title: Re:spam..
Post by: Cobra on January 18, 2003, 09:27:13 AM
haha, Taz making his penis bigger.. oh man! .. Way to funny.

I get about 4-5 spam mails a day to my hfactorx.org account from *@4freeamateur.net.

Get this, I have threatened them with legal action, Threats that i was gunna fuck em up... and the last e-mail was a death threat.. and they STILL!! have not removed me..

So i am going to ring them! and fuck em over.  Ladies and Gents

OPEN SEASON ON: support@4freeamateur.net  : www.4freeamateur.net

Title: Re:spam..
Post by: Metgod on January 18, 2003, 08:03:09 PM

it's this kind of incident that ethics get in the way. DoS attacks.. do you forward all packets back to the attacker ? spam.. do you tell them off and fill up their mailbox ? or maybe get an intermediate party involved that will mess them up even more. That among other things.

the websites.. I mean, do you root them and then rm -rf / or is that wrong ? Personally I think that spam, pr0n, racism.. and others should be destroyed and hit very hard.

Damn the law to hell.. this is where we actually can do something, but noooo, you have to be like this.. figures, is probably why you are there in the first place..

and I will not put anymore cause I'm so out of it right now..

Title: Re:spam..
Post by: Tazinator on January 21, 2003, 10:12:23 PM
My stand on ethics in relation to SPAMers is simple. I dont hold back. They dont hold back on me and are a menace to the Internet, I dont hold back on them.

My reason for that stand is simply because i've tried to be reasonable and rational with them, they simply dont care. They are in it for the numbers and thats it. They care not who they offend, the load on the servers they create by sending tons of messages. They only care about that 1 person in 100,000 messages they might get to visit the site. Thats it.
Title: Re:spam..
Post by: Metgod on January 22, 2003, 02:51:42 PM
I have to agree with you Taz.

What kind of stuff do you do them, if you do ?

I really wish I could find a mail server that allows relaying. I would tell them off again and again. Or if I could use an addy on yahoo without X-Originating-IP in there, or something.

Perhaps all spam should just be forwarded back to them (providing they have a valid address there), or maybe respond in a way that releases frustration.

Or, how about a little satire ? *grin*

Subject: Time Management

Are you tired of getting 1000+ emails a week, if not more ?
Well we are here to help you !

We offer a great (free) service of collecting all spammers email addresses and posting them on a known website. Just send us any email address and host/ip and it will be included in the next update.

Act now, as this free service is a limited time offer !
With these addresses known, we can all help defeat them. We will riddle them to death, harrass them, post their information on websites. But if you don't act now, there will be a five dollar charge !

[insert lame 'disclaimer' here]

well, you get the idea. Use their writing and reverse what the message is about. :)

or maybe selling spammers addresses to other spammers. *grin*

We should be able to make a profit too, right ? :)

Title: Re:spam..
Post by: Zerored on January 22, 2003, 09:03:02 PM
HAHAHA Cobby gave em a death threat!!!! Now THAT is freakin COMEDY ;D ;D
I too get e-junk in my mailbox. I dont need "Penis Enlargement" because, being the greek god i am, i have no need for such mortal attempts to become what i naturally am. But the dirty sluts..a god always needs his "entertainment" hehehe...
Anyway, I had a flood in my box (600+ emails) of just junk. So, i had to configure my mailbox options. It is EXTREMELY irritating and angering. Of course, i didnt check my email for about 1.5 months, but still. And i dont think any one of them was from anyone i knew. I had just recently opened the account and sent a few emails out. So, if they flood, why shouldnt we? Thats something that truly pisses me off.
Title: Re:spam..
Post by: Cobra on January 22, 2003, 09:16:49 PM
Taz and I are on the same wave length..

No holding back!

Give as good as i get.

and yes Zeroeredsfergfertfew however your name is spelt with out me looking.. I have also recently rang them and told them they have got 1 week to remove me from there list. If it is not removed. Then I have given advanced warnings. Accidents fucking happen!
Title: Re:spam..
Post by: Metgod on January 23, 2003, 06:50:52 PM
heh.. yeah.

it's just like DoS attacks.. forward all packets back to them ? Sure, why the hell not. They are already causing problems for intermediate parties, themselves, and the victim.. so doing the same back to them won't do much. besides, perhaps if it was 'legal', things would change a bit. But alas, that isn't the case. :(

I still think that that's what should be done. Fuck the kiddies over.. who the hell is a kid that floods servers, networks.. worthless peices of flesh should be shot, hanged, drawn and quartered and then really hurt !

same goes for defacements, especially ones that mean absolutely nothing or the idiot defacer claims he's making a statement. With the exclusion of maybe a few, one that LoU did before DigiEbola ran it, on a racist website. Was Optiklenz back then..

Racists websites should be attacked. Problem is is it's 'vigilantism'...

I always marvel at how people are convicted of felonies when they retaliate against someone who attacked them by doing felonies themselves.

Seriously, who here would not go after someone if they destroyed the one thing that you needed or wanted ? I know I very well might do that.

Or what about rapists or pedophiles that are murdered. Why in the hell would the 'murderer' be prosecuted when taking out someone who really does horrible things, even if not directly to them. Another intersting question.. why the hell do pedophiles and rapists only get maybe 20 years in prison ? I would say I'd rather be killed than raped (that is, if I was a female). It's funny how the gov't thinks they are right with everything, hide the fact, and pretty much they decide whatever the hell they want.

one amusing thing I thought up was.. if a bunch of 'gays' grouped up and cornered and then beat a person who beats  'gays' to death. I see no problem with that really.

Then again, some of my ideas/thoughts/feelings are a bit erratic but still... you attack someone else for no (good) reason, then you should be attacked too.


Title: Re:spam..
Post by: wilnix on July 02, 2003, 02:14:10 PM
SpamAssassin and Puremessage work well to cut down on the amount of spam our organization gets. It would be a full time job to retaliate against every spam message I recieved so I just add them to the list and move on...

Title: Re:spam..
Post by: spammer on April 13, 2004, 10:24:41 AM
Portion of a spam I received.  Thought it was funny that they replaced the @ sign with a # so they would not receive spam.  So I wanted to make sure their address was out there for all to spam: targetemailrequest@btamail.net.cn, hosting@watches.netpublications.net

Message follows.
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* We go all-out to make sure our customers are completely satisfied
* If any emails fail to make delivery, we replace them free of charge
* 100% Spam free, rest assured you will not be accused of spamming
* Almost all of our emails are sent to valid email addresses
* No software required, we do all the mailing from our own server
* Don't be fooled in signing up with similar sites offering services
that cannot compare to ours
* Get the most bang for your buck with bulk email advantage!

 If you want to  order our service ,  Please send email to   hosting#watches.netpublications.net
 and send a copy to    targetemailrequest#btamail.net.cn
  when  you send email to us,  please replace # with  @
If you want to receive a quick reply ( or instant reply ) ,
please use " ASK:INFO:Email Lists:Instant Reply Please " as the email subject when you email us .
Please copy this words  ASK:INFO:Email Lists:Instant Reply Please  into the subject line when emailing us.

Title: Re:spam..
Post by: Tazinator on April 22, 2004, 08:18:19 PM
PureMessage is good an all, but damn if it doesnt cost a small fortune for the tiny business. Ouch. I got a quote for 60 users and damn if they didnt put the screws to me. It was something like $20 grand. That was for the AV alone, not including the SPAM filter.

They know they have a market corner having an AV/SPAM filter with all the capabilities thiers totes for Sendmail. Having looked, I havent found all that many *good* AV/SPAM filters for Sendmail on Linux.
Title: Re:spam..
Post by: wilnix on June 07, 2004, 09:16:29 PM
Puremessage usually charges per processor, not user. I could give you another sales rep you could call if you want...

Title: Re:spam..
Post by: Tazinator on June 11, 2004, 08:11:15 PM
They quoted me in blocks of users when I talked to them. May have been because of the size of the company I worked for. They probably figured they could get a big price tag for it being it was Universal and all. It doesnt matter anymore tho because since I left there for another job, I believe that whole project has been frozen.