Started by Tazinator, February 28, 2005, 01:46:56 AM

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have decided to give Phlux a place to post his learning's and gather feedback and corrections on his quest to learn more about security and hacking both technically and ethically.

Please provide feedback on his posts if you feel you have something worthwhile to contribute and point him in the right direction.

This is not an excuse to single him out, berate him, antagonize, flame, or anything deemed rude, nasty or abusive.[/b]

This is an opportunity for those more experienced to share their knowledge and those inexperienced to have someone to look up to and follow in the footsteps of.
"A well known hacker is a good hacker, an unknown hacker is a great hacker..."

I don't care what your parents told you, you aren't special.

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