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Author Topic: AARRGGGGHHH!!!  (Read 5072 times)

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« on: March 30, 2005, 05:23:22 PM »
This story isn't really all that good, but just listen, I've got to get it off my chest...  >:(

Okay, so I'm kindof the unofficial networking guy at my church and there is a secretary that knows absolutely NOTHING about computers.  Anyway, one day she calls me from work, and I'm sitting at home.  Se says, "I need you to come over and fix the printer, it's not working right, and I need to print the bulletins for tommorrow."

So, being the concerned faux networking guy, I hurry over to the church and walk into her office and look at her computer--the whole time she's going on about something or other.  Anyway, she has 2 printers on her one computer, connected through the same parallel port on one of those parallel switcheroo boxes.  So, I flip the switch and the dumb thing starts printing.

Without a word I walked out of the office and drove home.

Oh, that felt good to get off of me... :D
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