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Author Topic: South Koreans launch cyber attack on US over schoolgirls' deaths  (Read 3214 times)

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I think the Koreans are just using the death as an excuse to attack. Anyways, email bombs are pathetic and lame.

And what ever happened to protests being 'okay' ? Doesn't matter if it's on US soil or not.. it still belongs to the US if it's a US embassy. Truth is.. it was never really ok and history shows it. Even recent history shows it.

Comments ?


December 1, 2002

South Korean activists have attacked the White House computer server
with electronic mail bombs to protest the acquittal of two US soldiers
accused of killing two schoolgirls in a road accident.

Meanwhile, four people have been arrested breaking into a US army base
and riot police have stopped 300 protesters from marching on the
American embassy in Seoul.

South Korean hackers and Internet users launched the bombs at the
server at 0300 GMT.

However, an activist says the cyber attack is "largely ineffective due
to an advanced filtering system at the White House".

The activist says a second attack will be launched.

It is not known how many people are involved in the attack.

Some 25 million people, more than half of the South Korean population,
have access to the Internet and regularly use email.

The attack was led by a coalition of 130 civic groups, which have
organized protests since two 14-year-old girls were crushed to death
by a 50-tonne military vehicle on their way to a birthday party in

Anti-US sentiment escalated in South Korea, one of Washington's close
allies, after a US military court cleared the soldiers of negligent
homicide two weeks ago.
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