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Started by STeVo, November 18, 2004, 08:53:36 AM

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I was wondering, i know a friend who knows a friend of a friend, who is a friends friend of this friend i know, LOL. Anyway they got a nokia 7610, that is hot property, straight from the box, any way to make this phone untraceable? eg changing the imei number. plz post back asap, leave ur email if u want if dont want to discuss here, i really want this info. thax in advance!

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i belive that there is some kinda software for nokia 7610 for changing its IMEI no. while restoring to its factory setting doing *#7370#.

i think some one will tell me plzzzzz


"Does anyone else really believe this character ?" haha the question now is do you belive all those other excuses most people try to make to coverup the fact that its not there phone?. Anyway... i "think" that the imei number, manafactures and  model of the phone are registerd to vodafone or whoever witch is how you can connect to the network so when you change the imei it wont register so no can connect???  im not to sure? but am interested to learn about this. ;D

Heya stevo howsit going with ya mates phone?.
First off do you have the hardware to connect the phone to the pc? if so you would have the software tools to mannage the phone?. anyway It is posible to change imei and have it running with the network company that black listed it, just think of it as a burnt game on cd and what you would have to do to get the gaame running. eg the serial no: cd key is this case the cd key is the imei what you need to look for is the firmware for the phone that has been patched where ya find that? google is a good place to start hahaha. anyway again my main point is that it is posible so you know your not wasting your time trying to solve this puzzle out. One other thing to think about is what imei no: you are gonna replace the original with  ;)

The first thing I'd like to say is that it is very difficult, dare I say impossible to make a cell phone untraceable.  This is how it works:

"Your" phone connects to the GSM/DCS/PCS network and gives it its specific IMEI number.  Then the network checks it against a EIR (Equiptment something Register) and does one of four things.  

1. If it's not on there, it drops the connection.
2. If it matches one they can put it on the the blacklist, which disables it from EVER connecting to a GSM/DCS/PCS network.
3. If it matches one it can put it on the greylist, which makes it usable BUT, traces who the phone is registered to in the SIM info and that person can get into a butload of trouble.
4. If it matches one they can give full service.

I don't mean to make it sound hopeless, but it probably isn't going to happen for you.  Anyway, here's my next advice:

Before you do anything to the phone, dial *#06# to get it to display the IMEI number.  Then go to

and check if it's blacklisted or greylisted or useable (If it doesn't work now, it will be black or greylisted).

If it's greylisted you may not want to turn it on until you crack it (or return it)--you could get the person it's registered to in alot of trouble.  

If it's blacklisted you HAVE to set the IMEI number to one on an EXISTING phone (preferably not greylisted).  This is the difficult step.  I suggest giving up at this point and sticking to a phone you bought.  If you want to continue then there is one option that I know of: buying an IMEI number.

This may sound weird, but there is a trojan for phones with Symbian OS ( that disables everything on the phone but it's functionality.  This allows a hacker to steal it's IMEI number at the expence of robbing someone of their phone.  I'm not sure where you can find such an IMEI number, but google around and see what you can find.

I suggest returning the phone.
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That's exactly what it's like, Taz.  But there are programs that can flash a cell phone.  I've never been to a site that does it, but I've heard there are phreaker sites that sell IMEI numbers from phones with the symbian OS that aren't usable. (infected with that virus)  Then you flash the phone's NVRAM with a new IMEI number.  Though, theoretically the number would only last a few weeks or days, until the cell company wises up and blacklists the #.
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hehe i was just interested in information thats all! nice to know ppl still posted! gives me an insight at least!

How can you tell if a cell phone is blacklisted in the U.S.  I went to the web site mentioned in this thread, but it didn't show any information on the phone other than its manufacturer and model.

Sorry, not sure what happened to that site--looks like they changed it.  I'll look for another place, keep you updated.  Chances are, though, if you're getting service, it's not blacklisted.
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hi i have a nokia 6280 which i think is blacklisted :( do u think its possible to change the imei number with an old phone i dont use, and how wud i do that? and do u think if i flash it it will work?

Well, the old phone would have to be on some sort of service plan for that to work.  But, since you don't use it, you'd just be giving it a number that wouldn't work anyway.
Build a man a fire, and he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life.

yeah but the old phone still works if i put my chip in it. if not swop the imei numbers is there a way to change it and make the phone work?

Yeah I need help to how do u change the veizon burnout number

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